Gerry Salim Took Champion Asian Racing 250 CC

Gerry Salim Took Champion Asian Racing 250 CC

OTOBLADE.COM – Halo everyone, last round of the Asian Road Racing Championship in Buriram Circuit was declare Indonesian Rider being the champion of 250 CC. Gerry Salim from Astra Honda Racing Indonesia took the title. Although this rider only finished on the eighth place on race 1. But, Gerry still takes the championship after the closest rival, Anupab Sarmoon, Thai rider only finished in second place.

Gerry Salim Took Champion Asian Racing 250 CC

The victory that took by Gerry because getting help from his teammate, Rheza Danica who take first place in this race. Rheza showed the good race today and beat Anupab. Gerry race wasn’t good enough because, in the beginning of the race, Gerry was struggling on the second group of the race. Even Gerry has to be thrown in the tenth places.

The front groups showed the battle between Anupab, Rheza Danica, and Koyama. Rheza followed the Thai and Japanese rider on half of the race. But few laps before the race end, Rheza took the lead. The victory that got by Rheza delivers Gerry become the champion of Asian Production 250 cc class of the Asian Road Racing Championship 2017.

This victory was getting because of the great teamwork of Astra Honda racing team. During the season, Gerry Salim showed the best performance. He wins most of the race for this season. Gerry collected 199 points after race 1 in Buriram. The point gap between Gerry and anupab is 28 points. So it’s impossible for Thai rider beat Gerry in top standings. Although Gerry doesn’t participate in the next race, Gerry still is the leader.

This champion also made history because Gerry being the first Indonesia riders that take Champion of this class. Several years ago, this class was dominated by Thai riders. There are race 2 tomorrow. How had the race done? Just wait and see the race 2 on Buriram Circuit, Thailand. See you and next article – OtoBlade.Com – Gerry Salim Took Champion Asian Racing 250 CC –


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