Market Potential Wuling Cortez Indonesia

Market Potential Wuling Cortez Indonesia

OTOBLADE.COM – HI GUYS, so today we will talk about the Market Potential Wuling Cortez Indonesia. A couple day ago, Wuling Indonesia launched their newest model, Wuling Cortez. Wuling Cortez is the name for Indonesia market because in the global market called Wuling Baojun.

Wuling Cortez will fight with  Toyota Kijang Innova as the leader of mid-MPV for now. But, the people think this car will not able to fight with Toyota Kijang Innova. Not because of the gap between price, but the number of engine volume is different. The lowest model from Toyota Kijang Innova has 2.000 ccs, but Wuling Cortez only has 1.800 ccs for the highest type.

The Price of Wuling Cortez 1.8

wuling cortez
So Wuling Cortez should face the competitors from LMPV model. In fact, Wuling has a car for LMPV segment that named Wuling Confero. The price is predicted between IDR 230 – 240 million for the highest type. So the price is equal to some highest LMPV models. We can say Honda Mobilio RS, Mitsubishi Xpander Ultimate, etc.

If we talk about Market Potential Wuling Cortez Indonesia is always talking about the features. The strong point of Wuling Cortez is about the features. We will get so many features of this car. There is some feature that only exists on the premium car. We can find the sunroof. Then we get a vehicle stability control that integrated with Hill Start Assist. This car uses an electric park brake, not using hydraulic parking brake anymore.

If we talk about the safety features this car has the disc brake on each tire. Then we get ABS (anti-lock braking system), EBD (electronic brake distribution), and BA (brake assist) for the standard. Not only that, we also get four Srs airbag that placed on the steering wheel, the front of the front passenger and each side of the front side.

But, I think Wuling Indonesia not that all-out for this product. Wuling has decided to use AMT transmission, which is unusual for Indonesian. The simple definition is a manual transmission but forced to be automatic transmission. For me, I more prefer to use conventional four-speed automatic transmission than this one. I’m also thinking if this transmission will be one of the obstacles for Indonesia market.

So everything features that give from Wuling Cortez not guarantee this car will success. But if we talk about Market Potential Wuling Cortez in Indonesia. I think will be good for the new car Company in Indonesia. The car enthusiast of Wuling also big. Maybe this car can be chosen for the people who don’t care about the brand that product but for people that think value for money.

So that’s all of the Market Potential Wuling Cortez Indonesia. Everything that wrote in here only my opinion. Everyone has a right to have another opinion. I hope this article can useful for us. – the Market Potential Wuling Cortez Indonesia –


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