The New Technologies on MotoGP 2017

New Technologies MotoGP 2017

OTOBLADE.COM – Hello everyone and welcome on my blog. The  MotoGP is the highest caste of the motorcycle race. The technology in the MotoGP is always growing fastly. Not only development on the engine, but also technology that supports MotoGP race. MotoGP always has a lot viewer around the world.

So today, I will talk about the new technologies on MotoGP 2017. Let’s check this out.

New Technologies MotoGP 2017

1. Virtual Pit Board

motogp virtual pit board
The Pit board is a device which uses to give information to the riders about the race. For example, information about their lap time, the gap with another rider, etc.But since the race MotoGP German, the new technology that called virtual pit board was started to use. The virtual pit board can give faster information to the riders.

With conventional pit board, the riders have to cross the start line to get the information about their race. But with a virtual pit board that applied on their speedometer. The racer can get faster the information and have not to cross the start line. Not only faster information, but the rider also gets more private information. For example, the rider got a punishment because they did a jump-start or anything else.

2. Camera 360-degree view

Camera 360-degree view motogp
The next New Technologies MotoGP 2017 is camera 360-degree view. This camera developed in 2016 on Rossi’s bike. But in this year (2017), camera 360-degree view has used to all riders in MotoGP.This camera possible to give a great view to the viewer of the MotoGP race. Because the viewer can watch overtaking action each MotoGP rider with more angles.

Before using this 360-degree camera, the viewer can view the back side of the racer only. Maybe one day we could watch the MotoGP race with virtual reality. This camera also possible to make race direction easier to control the riders while race. Because they can view the accident with more angles.

So it’s the New Technologies on MotoGP 2017. The development on MotoGP not only to make the bike faster but to make the viewer of MotoGP more entertained. So that’s all for this article. I hope can useful for us. – OTOBLADE.COM – The New Technologies on MotoGP 2017 –

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