New Update Yamaha NMax 2018 Now More Elegant

New Update Yamaha NMax 2018


OTOBLADE.COM – Hello everyone, Yamaha N-Max is one of maxi-scooter manufactured by Yamaha Indonesia Motor Manufacturing (YIMM). This scooter has been produced for local and export purpose. The demand for Yamaha N-Max 155 is growing each year. Either for domestic and export market.

Yamaha N-Max 155 VVA has sold  more than 560.000 units after launched in the year 2015 ago. This motorcycle becomes the most favorite scooter because give a lot of features that people need and love.

For the engine specification, we get a 155 cc engine SOHC 2 valves. This engine also completed with blue core and VVA technology. So Yamaha N-Max engine can give efficient consumption, smooth and silent. On November 9th, 2017. Yamaha gives a facelift to their product, Yamaha N-Max for the 2018 model.

For engine specifications, there is no change. The engine still same with the current model. Only added some features that make this motorcycle more comfortable and elegant. So, what the New Update Yamaha N-Max 2018? We will talk about it today, in this article. So let’s check this out, bro!

New Update Yamaha N-Max 2018

  1. Sub-tank suspension

In the current model of Yamaha N-max. If we see the rear suspension. This motorcycle using a conventional shock breaker. Now, Yamaha Indonesia adds sub-tank for the rear suspension. So what benefit that we get? The sub-tank that placed on the rear suspension. Will give us more comfortable while riding.

2. Refine Speedometer

Next, we will talk about the speedometer. Now in the Yamaha N-Max 2018, look more stylish. This thing because using negative speedometer background. This background is inspired by their brother, Yamaha Aerox 155. Also, they’re adding some Yamaha Aerox features. Like MID or Multi-Information display.

3. Elegant color

There is change color for Yamaha N-Max 2018. Now, we get 4 color choices. There is white, black, blue and gray. All colors are served in doff color. Now Indonesian market has changed. If a couple years ago, Indonesian love the color with a lot of stickers. Now, Indonesian love to look simple and elegant. Maybe because following the export market.

Because adding some feature and new colors. There is the price increase for Yamaha N-Max 2018. In the current model, for standard version sold in IDR 24.550 million. But, for the ABS version sold in IDR 28.450 million. But, for Yamaha N-Max 2018 for standard version sold in IDR 26.3 million. While for ABS version, sold in IDR 30.2 million on the road Jakarta – OTOBLADE.COM –  New Update Yamaha Max 2018-


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